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OPTA project

Project factsheet

English name:

Computer-based methods of identifying opinion targets and opinion expressions in Polish texts

Polish name:

Automatyczne metody rozpoznawania przedmiotów i wyrażeń opinii w języku polskim

Project type:

A National Science Centre grant 2012/05/N/ST6/03587


Jan 2013 ‒ Jan 2016

Project Web page:


NCN project info:


Principal investigator:

Aleksander Wawer

Project summary

The project is focused on investigating syntactic relations between opinion targets and opinion expressions. The goal is to use available parsing techniques (eg. shallow and dependency) and machine learning to facilitate automated association of opinion expressions with their targets. The project involves corpus-based analyses based on the National Corpus of Polish (NKJP) and opinion corpora obtained in the NEKST project.


Treebanks of Opinion Targets in Polish:

  • Product review sentences annotated with sentiments and opinion targets: download.

  • A subset of Skladnica sentences annotated with sentiments and opinion targets: download.

Dependency Patterns for Extracting Opinion Targets in Polish with pattern matching code: download.

OPFI - Opinion Finder - a hybrid (CRF+patterns) application for extracting opinion targets in Polish: download.

word2vec vectors - trained on various combinations of Wikipedia and the National Corpus of Polish: visit page.