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Polish OpenCyc lexicon

The Polish OpenCyc lexicon is a set of mappings between OpenCyc symbols and their Polish counterparts. It might be though of as a English-Polish dictionary, but since Cyc contains many abstract concepts, it is better viewed as a set of Polish names for the concepts that are present in Cyc. Due to the fact, that the latest OpenCyc version contains more than 200 thousands of concepts, the mapping covers only part of it -- the concepts that are also present in Umbel, an ontology that was developed on the basis of Cyc, but is devoid of many application-specific Cyc concepts. Still many concepts that are present in Umbel lack mapping, since they are very specific and doesn't translate into Polish (e.g. names of species found only in North America). As a result the current mapping contains approx. 16 thousands of translations for approx. 14 thousands of concepts.

The wiki of the project, an issue tracker and its latest version can be found on the project's page on github.


The lexicon is distributed in three versions:


OpenCyc is an open version of the Cyc formal ontology. Its current release contains more than 2 millions of facts about more than 200 thousands concepts, including:

  • 19 thousands of places
  • 26 thousands of organizations
  • 22 thousands of predicates
  • 28 thousands of business related things
  • 12 thousands of people

Although there are larger databases like DBpedia, Freebase and YAGO, the most important feature of Cyc is the taxonomical part of the ontology, that has been developed during the last 20 years. It covers very abstract concepts like relation, mathematical thing and process, as well as quite concrete concepts, like mobile phone, prime minister and even iPhone 4. It also covers many factual data about individual things, such as Barak Obama and Poland.