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Polish Coreference Corpus / Korpus zależności referencyjnych

This page offers the official Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License release of the corpus of Polish coreference, which was created as a part of the CORE and COTHEC projects. By downloading the corpus data you accept the conditions of that licence.

Contact person: Maciej Ogrodniczuk
License: CC BY v.3




The corpus is available for download in 3 formats:

Online version

The corpus may be browsed online at the following link.

You may also want to see Polish Coreference Tools site.


When using Polish Coreference Corpus, please cite our book on coreference: List of publications

Maciej Ogrodniczuk, Katarzyna Głowińska, Mateusz Kopeć, Agata Savary, and Magdalena Zawisławska. Coreference in Polish: Annotation, Resolution and Evaluation. Walter De Gruyter, 2015.

but you can also check the project page for earlier publications.