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Polish Political Twitter Accounts

The Polish Political Twitter Account List is a resource gathering verified accounts of causative and opinion-forming actors from the Polish political scene (politicians, parties, NGOs, journalists). It currently contains 766 accounts.

Data sources

The initial version of the list combined the following available component resources:

The list was supplemented with accounts automatically retrieved from Twitter and then manually verified by experts:

  • based on the entries from the Polish Political Ontology all Twitter accounts compatible with the first name-surname pattern were collected

  • for every candidate account every friend and follower of the account was retrieved
  • the list was filtered using the methodology of the self-confirming structure, i.e. by tracking only accounts followed by verified accounts and being followers and friends of verified accounts of the largest Polish political parties
  • finally the remaining candidate accounts were manually verified and all inactive accounts (by people who did not publish any tweets retrievable by Twitter API) were removed.

The list


The file is TAB-separated. First column contains Twitter ID of a user, second column his/her Twitter username.


Polish Political Ontology was created in scope of the TrendMiner project co-financed by the European Commission from the FP7 programme (grant agreement number 287863) and from the Polish Ministry of Science support programme (grant agreement number 3177/7.PR/2014/2).