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Grammatical Lexicon of Polish Economic Phraseology

The Grammatical Lexicon of Polish Economic Phraseology (SEJFEKSłownik Elektroniczny Jednostek Frazeologicznych z EKonomii) is an electronic lexicon containing multi-word nominal terms of Polish economic and financial terminology. It has been created within the ERDF Nekst project.

Some aspects of its construction, contents and use have been described in:

The lexicon contains:

  • 11,212 multi-word nominal lexemes (e.g. aktywne ryzyko płynności),

  • 146,861 corresponding inflected forms (e.g. aktywnego ryzyka płynności),

  • 305 graph-based inflection paradigms.

See also SEJFEK4Spejd – a shallow grammar for Spejd with fully lexicalized rules automatically generated from SEJFEK lexicon entries.



The lexicon has been created within Toposław, tool for developing and managing inflectional dictionaries of multi-word units. Toposław integrates:

  • Morfeusz SGJP – a morphological analyser and generator of Polish,

  • Multiflex – a morpho-syntactic generator of multi-word units,

  • graph editor stemming from Unitex.


The data are available under the CC BY-SA license.

Available resources

  • Slownik – the binary source file in Toposław format

  • Multiflex-compatible archive containing:

    • the list of morphologically annotated lexemes,
    • the list of corresponding inflected forms and variants,
    • inflection graphs compatible with Unitex graph editor,

    • list of known problems.

Future work

Defining an LMF format for the lexicon.