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Segment program is used to split text into segments (sentences, paragraphs, words). Split rules are read from file in XML based Segmentation Rules Exchange (SRX) standard format. Can be used as a programming library.
Homepage: https://github.com/loomchild/segment


For detailed info see the docs directory in the Segment package file.

Using as sentence splitter for Polish

In segment main directory:

./bin/segment -l pl -s segment.srx

This way the program will read text from stdin and write sentences to stdout - each one in separate line.

Note: the SRX file can deal with text that contains paragraphs separated with two line breaks, and where a single line break is still inside the paragraph (which is also the default TeX mode). To have such behavior, use:

./bin/segment -l pl_two -s segment.srx

Adding an end-of-sentence marker on a single line break is achieved this way:

./bin/segment -l pl_one -s segment.srx