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This page provides the official release of Slowal, a web tool designed for creating, editing and browsing valence dictionaries. So far, it has mainly been used for creating The Polish Valence Dictionary (Walenty).

Slowal supports the process of creating the dictionary; it also facilitates access by making it possible to browse the dictionary using an advanced built-in filtering system, covering both syntactic and semantic phenomena. Slowal also gives control over the work of lexicographers involved in creating dictionary, for instance by using predefined lists of values, which prevents spelling errors and enforces consistency, as well as by imposing strict validation rules.

Last but not least, the created dictionary can be exported from Slowal in various formats: plain text, TeX, PDF, and TEI XML.


License: BSD 2-Clause License

Working applications

http://zil.ipipan.waw.pl/Walenty – the official website of the Polish Valence Dictionary (Walenty).


List of publications

Elżbieta Hajnicz, Bartłomiej Nitoń, Agnieszka Patejuk, Adam Przepiórkowski, and Marcin Woliński. Internetowy słownik walencyjny języka polskiego oparty na danych korpusowych. Prace Filologiczne, LXV:95–110, 2015.

Bartłomiej Nitoń, Tomasz Bartosiak, Elżbieta Hajnicz, Agnieszka Patejuk, Adam Przepiórkowski, and Marcin Woliński. DEMO: Access to a valence dictionary of Polish Walenty via Internet browser. In Zygmunt Vetulani and Joseph Mariani, editors, Proceedings of the 7th Language & Technology Conference: Human Language Technologies as a Challenge for Computer Science and Linguistics, pages 270–272, Poznań, Poland, 2015.