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Spejd / ♠ / SPADE

This page offers the official GNU General Public License release of Spejd, a tool for partial parsing and rule-based morphosyntactic disambiguation. By downloading the Spejd package you accept the conditions of that licence.

Principal developer: Bartosz Zaborowski
License: GPL v.3


Readme file of the 1.3.6 version, in English:

Detailed user manual for the 1.3.6 version, in English:


The most current version of Spejd may be found on sourceforge page of Spejd. This is a reimplentation of Spejd in C++ with multiple efficiency improvements! Report bugs here.

An obsolete and no longer supported Java version 0.84 of Spejd:

You may also find it useful to test the Spejd Web Service.


Articles describing the formalism, the implementation and some applications. (Note that both have been evolving, so there are bound to be differences between these descriptions and the current implementation; articles are listed in reverse chronological order.)

What does Spejd stand for?

  • Polish: Składniowy Parser (Ewidentnie Jednocześnie Dezambiguator) (author: Adam Przepiórkowski)
  • English: Shallow Parsing and Eminently Judicious Disambiguation (author: Stan Szpakowicz)
  • German: Syntaktisches Parsing Entwicklungsystem Jedoch mit Disambiguierung (author: Adam Przepiórkowski)
  • French: Super Parseur Et Jolie Désambiguïsation (author: Anna Kupść)