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Text Selector

This page offers the official Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License release of the TextSelector, a tool for manual text inspection and selection. By downloading the TextSelector package you accept the conditions of that licence.

Principal developer: Mateusz Kopeć
Authors: Mateusz Kopeć
License: CC BY v.3



Text Selector may be run using following command:

java -jar TextSelector_standalone_jar input_dir target_dir

where TextSelector_standalone_jar is the standalone .jar file presented below, input_dir is the corpus in the TEI format (only text_structure.xml and header.xml files for each text) and target_dir is the target directory to place the rejected texts.

Usage is simple: when opened, TextSelector shows first text in the corpus directory. One may edit text content of the corpus in the main window and save changes by pressing CTRL+S shortcut. If the text should be rejected, CTRL+R will do it and display next corpus text. Next corpus text may be shown by pressing CTRL+N, previous one by pressing CTRL+P.


TextSelector 1.0 is available to download in two versions:

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