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CORE project

Project factsheet

English name:

Computer-based methods for coreference resolution in Polish texts

Polish name:

Komputerowe metody identyfikacji nawiązań w tekstach polskich

Project type:

A National Science Centre grant 6505/B/T02/2011/40


18 April 2011 ‒ 17 July 2014

Project Web page:


Principal investigator:

Maciej Ogrodniczuk

Project summary

The aim of the project is to create innovative methods and tools for automated anaphora and coreference resolution in Polish texts. To achieve this goal, the subset of the National Corpus of Polish will be manually annotated with coreferential chains. As the next step, several coreference resolution approaches will be tested on the annotated data (rule-based, statistical, hybrid etc.) Additional resources (such as Polish WordNet and Polish Wikipedia) will be also investigated to improve results.

Selected results