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POLFIE – an LFG grammar of Polish

POLFIE is an LFG grammar of Polish implemented in the XLE system (Xerox Linguistic Environment).

POLFIE has been developed at the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences (IPI PAN) within three projects: NEKST, CLARIN-PL and CLARIN-PL 2. It provides a two-layer representation: constituent structure (c-structure, tree representation) and functional structure (f-structure, AVM representation). It is based on two previous implemented grammars of Polish: its c-structure is based on GFJP2, a DCG grammar used by the parser Świgra, while its f-structure is inspired by FOJP, an HPSG grammar of Polish. Lexical entries used by the grammar are created with the help of two state-of-the-art resources for Polish: Morfeusz2, a morphological analyser, and Walenty, a valence dictionary.

POLFIE-OT is a version of POLFIE enriched with OT (Optimality Theory) constraints for the purpose of automatic disambiguation of resulting parses – according to defined criteria, certain parses are considered optimal, while the remaining ones are considered unoptimal (it is possible, however, to view the unoptimal parses).

The grammar is made available according to the terms of GNU General Public License (version 3) unless stated otherwise.

Online demo

POLFIE is also available as a web service (it does not require a local installation of XLE) via XLE-Web (part of INESS):


Download the CLARIN-PL release of POLFIE (May 2016):