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NEKST project

Project factsheet

English name:

An adaptive system to support problem-solving on the basis of document collections in the Internet

Polish name:

Adaptacyjny system wspomagający rozwiązywanie problemów w oparciu o analizę treści dostępnych źródeł elektronicznych

Project type:

A national Ministry of Science and Higher Education Innovative Economy Operational Programme (PO IG) grant


1 April 2009 ‒ 10 February 2014

Project Web page:


Principal investigator:

Jacek Koronacki


Project description

The aim of the project is to design a system supporting a wide class of problem-solving tasks basing on an analysis of the structure and content of available electronic documents. The analysis concerns knowledge and information represented in text form and selected multimedia content. The system will combine automatic answering to the questions in Polish and automated analysis of opinions together with large-scale, cross-sectional analysis of semantic e-resources, search and visualization of results. The main object of analysis will be text documents. The system will base on new paradigms of analysis of content and content management, linking it with mechanisms of user interaction. As a target, it will be able to handle the collection of all the Polish-language documents on the Internet and will be equipped with mechanisms for bilingual (Polish-English) processing.