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||<style="border:0;padding-top:5px;padding-bottom:5px">'''11 January 2016'''||
||<style="border:0;padding-left:30px;padding-bottom:0px">'''Małgorzata Marciniak, Agnieszka Mykowiecka, Piotr Rychlik''' (Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences)||
||<style="border:0;padding-left:30px;padding-bottom:5px">'''On terminology extraction''' (working title) &#160;{{attachment:icon-pl.gif|Lecture in Polish.}}||
||<style="border:0;padding-left:30px;padding-bottom:15px">Summary will be available shortly.||

Natural Language Processing Seminar 2015–2016

The NLP Seminar is organised by the Linguistic Engineering Group at the Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences (ICS PAS). It takes place on (some) Mondays, normally at 10:15 am, in the seminar room of the ICS PAS (ul. Jana Kazimierza 5, Warszawa).


12 October 2015

Vincent Ng (University of Texas at Dallas)

Beyond OntoNotes Coreference  Wykład w języku angielskim.

Recent years have seen considerable progress on the notoriously difficult task of coreference resolution owing in part to the availability of coreference-annotated corpora such as MUC, ACE, and OntoNotes. Coreference, however, is more than MUC/ACE/OntoNotes coreference: it encompasses many interesting cases of anaphora that are not covered in the extensively investigated MUC/ACE/OntoNotes entity coreference task. This talk examines several comparatively less-studied coreference tasks that are arguably no less challenging than the MUC/ACE/OntoNotes entity coreference task, including the Winograd Schema Challenge, zero anaphora resolution, and event coreference resolution.

26 October 2015

Wojciech Jaworski (University of Warsaw)

Syntactic-semantic parser for Polish  Lecture in Polish.

The author will present the parser being developed within CLARIN-PL project, its morphological pre-processing, a categorial grammar of Polish integrated with valency dictionary and used by the parser and the semantic graph formalism used for meaning representation. It will also discuss algorithms used by the parser and optimization strategies, both related to performance and concise representation of ambiguous syntactic and semantic parsing trees.

11 January 2016

Małgorzata Marciniak, Agnieszka Mykowiecka, Piotr Rychlik (Institute of Computer Science, Polish Academy of Sciences)

On terminology extraction (working title)  Lecture in Polish.

Summary will be available shortly.

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